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The Buddhist Society of the Northern Territory Invites you to:

The International Food Fair

The Buddhist Society of the NT Inc. is please to announce our Final Fundraising International Food Fair for the year of 2019. 

This is a biannual event, showcasing traditional homemade foods from many different cultures including Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Chinese, and Thai Fusion. 

The event is also further enhanced by cultural performances from many cultural backgrounds. 

Food Tickets will be sold at the front gate.


International Buddhist Temple
37 Parkside Cres, Leanyer NT 0812


Sunday the 17th of November 2019
4:00 pm - 8:00 pm



It has been a long tradition of the BSNT to hold a Food Fair twice a year in order to rais funds for the upkeep and maintenance of the temple. 

The Food Fair is a collective effort of all communities (Sri Lankan, Viatnamese, Burmese, Darwin Meditation Group and Zen group). 

More than a food fair this is a FOOD FESTIVAL along with beautiful family entertainment, dances & mucis and much more. 

Its your support, encouragement, involvement and above all your generous contributions in kind which has been the driving force befind the success of the Food Fair. 

So please be a partner in this meritorious activity. 

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